You Will Gain Strength from Rejection

Despite the partially insensitive header, you will definitely gain strength from rejection. Or- if your heart is not accustomed to the understanding of failure- you will let it consume you until you vow never to take a risk again.

Yesterday, I fell asleep in a puddle of mucous and tears. I’d been crying because I had again placed my heart on the opportunity of chance. I had invested in something that could potentially result in greatness, given that the opportunity was granted. But it wasn’t, hence the tears and mucous streaming from my face.

For months I have been on the war path, trying to find a job that perfectly suited me, one that represented an ideology that I could associate myself with. Then last week a publishing house called me in for consideration. I was so happy. I really thought this was it. I then blatantly ignored two secured offers (from reputable publishing houses) because I had my heart set on getting this position. I’d even read my horoscope- one I’d found at the back of the very magazine I was applying to- and it said that I was much closer to reaching my dream than I was in January. I felt like the universe had aligned to work in my favour; I had been through so much shit just trying to get to my first and second interviews, surely God wanted this for me.

My friends stood bewildered when I told them about the other offers; they thought I was quite brave for being able to refuse jobs that were being thrown at me, and in the hope of obtaining one that I certainly had no promise of getting. I casually declared that this is what life is about- life is about taking risks for the things that you think are best for you. And that’s true, but now I realize that life is also about recognizing a good opportunity when it presents itself, even if it doesn’t look as good as the opportunity you were hoping for. Sometimes the best opportunity is the one that only offers a traveling allowance or is situated within a company that was born after you. Sometimes the risk is in being comfortable with accepting less than you think you’re worth, in working yourself to the bone, and hoping that whoever is watching will take cognizance of this- so that you can eventually get to where you want to be.

Why you might consider going to church

If you’ve never been to church, here are a few reasons to consider going.


I know right! You can hardly find a decent place to hang out these days, without having to pay a hefty entrance fee, but at church, it’s free. No one will be waiting at the door to see if you’re wearing heels, checking your I.D, or cashing in your entrance fee. Instead, you can expect to be greeted with a hand shake, a pamphlet, and an usher to escort you to your seat, as if you’re a VIP.


There is so much to learn from a good church sermon. It’s the same as your lecturer standing at the head of the class, teaching you something new. Talking about the history of the subject; using examples to show you how you can do them yourself, and exploring the experiences of others in the same situation. No charge!

You don’t need to be a Christian to listen to a story and find a lesson in it. Obviously, if you’re going to a church, you’ll be taught all things Christianity, but you’re still just being told stories of experiences, mistakes, and methods to success.


The most popular book ever. The bible.
People come from all walks of life to discuss the awesomeness in this body of text. It’s a great way to meet people, especially for introverts. During your visit, you’ll probably have to do an exercise like greeting the person next to you; offer your neighbour a hand shake to symbolise peace, and/or have some bread and wine together. You’ll rarely find anyone doing this without a smile, and no matter how lonely you are, that stranger’s smile somehow makes you feel like you belong. You may even be addressed as ‘friends’ or ‘brothers and sisters’.

If you’re not religious, oh well. No one is going to come up to you and say: “Hey, you’re not a Christian and you’re actually gate crashing so please go”. If you’re not a Christian, go for the experience; go for that stranger’s smile and sense of belonging. Go because you want to learn something new and different, especially if you’re sceptical and don’t believe in the ideology of it.

This is not an attempt to convert you to Christianity, it’s an invitation to opportunity.

I don’t go to church often, and it’s because I don’t go often that I’ve realised what a missed opportunity that it. We rhetorically ask ourselves how we will get through life sometimes. We don’t know everything there is to know about how to live a great life and we sure as hell don’t have a book of cheat codes stashed in our mothers’ wombs when we’re born. We have hints- opportunities. This is one of them.

The Afrika Ablaze production about street kids

There is nothing more moving than the art of telling a good story, and that’s what Afrika Ablaze did tonight.

My friend, Tasneem Jakoet, invited me to watch her perform the theatre production,Raw Silk, playing at the Baxter theatre.
As usual, Tasneem commanded great presence on stage, leading the audience into a range of emotions, all suitably fitting.

Based on the true hardship of her own life, the master behind the dance/drama, and Afrika Ablaze founder, Glenda Jones, choreographed a heartfelt story of the lives of South African street kids.
The story explores the entrapment experienced by very talented, however, resourceless individuals. And much like the phrase “diamond in the rough”, the title, RAW SILK, portrays the story that the beautiful look and feel of silk, stems from the conditioning of silk worms. If given the opportunity, the ugly silk worm can produce a marvel of success.

I wasn’t able to take any pictures but I urge you to go and see an Afrika Ablaze production; you will be moved, if not fascinated.

A big congratulations to all the performers, as well as those involved with the process of the production.

“And remember, you will never be poor by helping the poor”.- Glenda Jones

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