Why you might consider going to church

If you’ve never been to church, here are a few reasons to consider going.


I know right! You can hardly find a decent place to hang out these days, without having to pay a hefty entrance fee, but at church, it’s free. No one will be waiting at the door to see if you’re wearing heels, checking your I.D, or cashing in your entrance fee. Instead, you can expect to be greeted with a hand shake, a pamphlet, and an usher to escort you to your seat, as if you’re a VIP.


There is so much to learn from a good church sermon. It’s the same as your lecturer standing at the head of the class, teaching you something new. Talking about the history of the subject; using examples to show you how you can do them yourself, and exploring the experiences of others in the same situation. No charge!

You don’t need to be a Christian to listen to a story and find a lesson in it. Obviously, if you’re going to a church, you’ll be taught all things Christianity, but you’re still just being told stories of experiences, mistakes, and methods to success.


The most popular book ever. The bible.
People come from all walks of life to discuss the awesomeness in this body of text. It’s a great way to meet people, especially for introverts. During your visit, you’ll probably have to do an exercise like greeting the person next to you; offer your neighbour a hand shake to symbolise peace, and/or have some bread and wine together. You’ll rarely find anyone doing this without a smile, and no matter how lonely you are, that stranger’s smile somehow makes you feel like you belong. You may even be addressed as ‘friends’ or ‘brothers and sisters’.

If you’re not religious, oh well. No one is going to come up to you and say: “Hey, you’re not a Christian and you’re actually gate crashing so please go”. If you’re not a Christian, go for the experience; go for that stranger’s smile and sense of belonging. Go because you want to learn something new and different, especially if you’re sceptical and don’t believe in the ideology of it.

This is not an attempt to convert you to Christianity, it’s an invitation to opportunity.

I don’t go to church often, and it’s because I don’t go often that I’ve realised what a missed opportunity that it. We rhetorically ask ourselves how we will get through life sometimes. We don’t know everything there is to know about how to live a great life and we sure as hell don’t have a book of cheat codes stashed in our mothers’ wombs when we’re born. We have hints- opportunities. This is one of them.

The Afrika Ablaze production about street kids

There is nothing more moving than the art of telling a good story, and that’s what Afrika Ablaze did tonight.

My friend, Tasneem Jakoet, invited me to watch her perform the theatre production,Raw Silk, playing at the Baxter theatre.
As usual, Tasneem commanded great presence on stage, leading the audience into a range of emotions, all suitably fitting.

Based on the true hardship of her own life, the master behind the dance/drama, and Afrika Ablaze founder, Glenda Jones, choreographed a heartfelt story of the lives of South African street kids.
The story explores the entrapment experienced by very talented, however, resourceless individuals. And much like the phrase “diamond in the rough”, the title, RAW SILK, portrays the story that the beautiful look and feel of silk, stems from the conditioning of silk worms. If given the opportunity, the ugly silk worm can produce a marvel of success.

I wasn’t able to take any pictures but I urge you to go and see an Afrika Ablaze production; you will be moved, if not fascinated.

A big congratulations to all the performers, as well as those involved with the process of the production.

“And remember, you will never be poor by helping the poor”.- Glenda Jones

For more information about Afrika Ablaze, visit their website: www.afrikaablaze.com

Or find them on:
Twitter – @AfrikaAblaze
Facebook – http://tinyurl.com/basuqdp
Instagram – http://tinyurl.com/c5sum95
Tumblr – http://tinyurl.com/d2ve5om
Youtube – http://tinyurl.com/a43zqom
Linkedin.com – http://tinyurl.com/dy7kfnw

Have you watched The Anne Hirsch show?

What do you get when you mix The Oprah Show and Saturday Night Live (SNL), into a South African entertainment bowl? The Anne Hirsch show!

I love Anne Hirsch! Because I love Oprah and SNL, and she reminds me of both.
According to South African youtube statistics, I’m not the only one mesmerised by her insane humour. Interviewing some of SA’s most influential stars, talk show host, Anne, is quickly working her way to the top of SA’s most viewed youtube channels, list.

Let’s hope she get’s her own television show soon, then I’ll start watching TV again.

If you’d like to watch the Anne Hirsch show, check out: www.annehirsch.co.za


If you think you’re out of their league, you are.

Stop comparing yourself to others.

As cliche as sounds, the truth is; there’s no one like you. But there’s certain things you do, that’ll give others an advantage over you.

You are what you think about.

Anthony Robbins once said that whatever you focus on, you will find. This is not one of those spiritual mumbo jumbo comments that might be true; it’s a fact. Newton’s first law of motion explains that a body will remain at rest, unless an external force acts upon it  – so you attract what happens in your life, even if it’s not what you want; if you’re thinking about it, you create it. You’ll always be unhappy if you have negative thoughts, and you will live positively if you think positively.

The trick is to work with the negatives, challenges, friction or whatever you’d like to call them, embrace and learn from it but don’t dwell on it. For example, quit thinking about what you don’t have and focus on what it is that you actually want, then apply force (work towards it).

The celebrity hype is not real

Celebrities are ordinary people with extraordinary goals. They’re usually admired for their persistence and excellence in their crafts and develop a following (of those who aspire for the same things) from it. Celebs feel hungry and tired, and they poo – just so you understand how they’re just like you. Except they’re on a different wave length. What sets you apart is how badly you want to work and persist to get what you want. So don’t set yourself short. You can get there if you want to.

Be decisive

No one likes to be surrounded by people who are constantly complaining and don’t seem sure of themselves. People will befriend those who exude confidence, and those who seem like they have things figured out. You don’t need to be a certain type of person to fit in or to make make friends, you just have to know what you want; those who aspire for the same things will naturally gravitate towards you.

Take control

It’s helpful to have others advise you when making a decision, but don’t let others choose make your decisions for you. you’re the one who’ll live with the consequences of your decisions after all.

You don’t need to have many friends, just a few that you can count on.

“Our lives are not our own. We are bound to others, past and present. And by each crime and every kindness, we birth our future.”- David Mitchell

You’ll probably look for a partner in the same way that you shop

It seems a bit insensitive to say that your choice of Mr/Mrs Right is just another shopping venture but bear with me:

I spent five years working in the retail industry, prior to and during my university studies. At school, I wanted to make some extra cash so I decided to get a job as a beauty consultant. I think everyone should have a retail job at some point in their lives because you’ll learn so much about yourself and others, especially how the customer is always right.

I made a point of building relationships with my customers so that they would buy from me again; I’d consult them on their skin and then spark up a conversation unrelated to the sale. Once I’d gotten to know my customers, they would confide in me and sometimes I in them – I’d met one of my best friends behind the counter at a retail store, and I always met my targets as well.

But it was during those years when I’d developed a knack for sizing people up, that I’d discovered my clients’ shopping habits matched the way they treated their partners.

No-one wants to be seen as a commodity but if you think about yourself as a brand and an investment, it makes a bit of sense that even you would choose a partner based on their ‘selling points’. What I’m trying to say is that your choice of partner will model your interests and you can basically see what type of person you’d be into from the way you shop. In the same way as your interests change, your shopping habits will too.

The next time you’re out shopping with your partner, really observe the way they select items and what they choose. It may help you to know discover what sparked their interest in you – so that you can work a little harder on maintenance.

I’ve set out a little criteria that highlights five shopping identities for you to spot. I’m sure that there should be more than 5 identities but these are the most prominent ones I’ve noticed:

The sample queen/king

You’ll find them sampling a range of products without actually wanting to buy and they’re usually satisfied with whatever is available and requires the least investment.
Samplers talk a good game. It’s important to always try a product before you buy it, but once you know what it’s worth, take it or leave it. Maya Angelou said, “if someone shows you who they are the first time, believe them”. A sampler would however coax you into a story for hours – promising a purchase or hinting at it, only to find them return for another sample.

If your partner is an avid sampler, it doesn’t mean they’re cheap or cheating, but they’re probably not sure about you being ‘the one’.

Here comes the browser – “I’m just looking”
Browsers know exactly what they want but they can never find it in store. They’re the kind who have already researched product information online and will rarely ask for your advice. They will judge your potential to assist them by your appearance, quickly deciding whether you can help them with what they need or not. Browsers are the straight-forward no-nonsense shoppers that many sales assists fear. They’re very informed and once they opt for your assistance, you better be prepared to answer every question correctly and confidently. They will often ask you things that they already know, just to test whether you’re fit to assist them. And if you’re able to persuade a browser into testing a product, it will be because of your persistence.

Hey there, big spender

Big spenders are the sugar daddies of sales. They’re usually regular shoppers, who you welcome into the store by their first name. They know all the staff and always seem to remember something personal about you. They don’t buy many products, maybe two or three high quality ones and they’ll treat you like you’re doing them a favour – by doing your job.

Howdy,  smart shopper

They’ll call ahead so that you have their products prepared when they arrive. They don’t mind spending but they expect a little extra for their purchase – some appreciation, advice, or a sample or two. They’re will to pay the price if you’re willing to make it worth their while. Smart shoppers will build relationships with you and buy you Christmas gifts. But once they feel neglected, they will buy from someone else.

The Negotiator

Negotiators expect discounts when discounts aren’t being offered. They feel that they are doing you a favour by buying from you, not realising the other clients standing behind them, willing to pay full price. They will send you into the awkward conversation with your manager, trying to decide if there is a way that you can lower your standards to suit their needs. In many cases the manager will decline, and you will have to return the bad news, facing the now trantrumed customer, wanting what they don’t deserve. In other cases, the manager will be so annoyed by the negotiator’s persistence that he/she feels forced into offering a cheaper deal, which then leaves you stuck negotiating for this person in future.
Negotiators never go to the managers themselves- they need you to plead their case and listen to the reasons why they should get what they want. They are bad for business.

Shopping identities vary to items so focus on observing important purchases like toiletries and clothing – not purchases that seem important to you,  rather ones that are important to your partner.

Why your kitchen cupboard should be stocked with Peanut Butter

My heart goes out to all those with peanut allergies, unable to explore the wonder in its paste- You are missing out on so much.

I love peanut butter. It makes everything better.

When most of the world run to chocolate and ice cream to feed their feelings, I find the greatest comfort in Black Cat Peanut Butter. Of course, not just any paste. I particularly like the thick, creamy and crunchy peanut butter with honey and banana slices…Yum!

And filled with goodness! Peanut butter is high in protein, which not only nourishes the body but it helps your body restore itself quicker – heal faster.

One tablespoon is enough to give you the energy boost needed to get you through the day, especially as a pre-workout snack or as an energy treat.

There are some drawbacks to poorly made brands but isn’t that the case with everything? Sceptical friends would say that they would rather make it themselves, and to that I say: Way to Go! Find out how to make your own peanut butter easily by using the FoodNetwork.com‘s yummy homemade peanut butter recipe. Click here.