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Welcome to the Be Whole Blog.

This is how the blog started:

During our spare time at varsity, my friends and I would sit down in the University’s secret garden, unpack our lunch and share ideas. We’d had similar interests and our conversations could last for hours (barring class time), talking about mentalities, the meaning to life, and how successful people before us managed to reach the height of their success.

Do you know the feeling of discussing a topic that gets you so excited that you want to jump out of your seat? That’s how high-powered our talks would be. One day, someone  said, “you should start a blog or something – put all your thoughts in one place; I sure as hell would read it.” And that’s what I did.

Natural haircare, Skincare, and DIY hacks

One of the most beautiful movements trending in the world today is the natural hair movement. I began my natural hair journey in 2013, opting to transition from years of chemical treatments, and eventually big chopped out of frustration, managing two different hair textures in 2014.

Learning to love and maintain my natural hair has been incredibly challenging and rewarding. I have documented tip and tricks that I have learned along the way, including video tutorials for my natural hair lovers.

Skin, skin, skin… how you only begin to value scarless, blemishless skin, when acne hits.  Hormonal acne was both humble pie and the push I needed to pursue my interest in natural medicine. You’ll read posts about lots of natural remedies for this and that. I salute all healthcare professionals but opt to treat my body and encourage others to apply natural alternatives as much as possible to avoid side affects that could be equally as harmful as the illness.

Wellness and Travel all the way

Be Whole is a blog but mostly a community of over 18 700 wellness and travel lovers. Many South Africans don’t travel or take care of themselves – physically, mentally, and emotionally, because, well, they don’t know how. Using my love for writing and continuous learning, I post stories, tips, and reviews on how to improve your wellbeing as a South African woman. And how to do so affordably.  I share my passion for travel and friends’ adventures,  whether two hours from my home in Cape Town or all the way in the United Arab Emirates.  I also share travel tips and inspiration in the hope that it may benefit someone who is already interested.

Blog Features and Credibility

Clicks Clubcard Magazine

I was featured in issue 4 of the Clicks Club card Magazine for my contribution to Be Whole.

Cape Talk Radio

I chat to Cape Talk Overnight Live host, Noloso Madikizela about how Be Whole came about. Listen to the interview below:

Soweto Urban

My video tutorials and images were featured as a top story by Soweto Urban. Read the full feature, here.

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Beauty South Africa

My go-to hair products and natural hair tips have been featured on South Africa’s most comprehensive online beauty magazine,

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Beauty Bulletin

I have been named, up and coming Beauty Blogger, by South Africa’s largest beauty review club, Beauty Bulletin.

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Twenty Something Magazine

An original Be Whole post was selected for a three-page feature in Twenty Something Magazine‘s first edition.

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Women 24, South Africa’s leading women’s online portal, published an original Be Whole post.

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