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“How did you get you hair that thick?”

“What’s your hair volume method?”

“Which products are you using to get your hair this big?”

The answer to all these questions are simple:




I love me some volume (in a high pitched American accent).

I can’t imaging reverting to straighteners and relaxers after discovering all that I can do with my hair in it’s natural state. My hair is naturally thick; after washing, it rises like a home baked bread but when it’s completely wet, it hangs on the sides of my face like Cocker Spaniel ears.

Can you relate?

There are ways to add body to your hair without perms, chemicals, and extensions.

If you hair doesn’t seem to volumise on its own, you should watch this video:

My friend, Donna and I, demonstrate how we achieve great volume in a matter of minutes, as well as mentioning some products that we’d recently tested during our wash-day routine.

Get natural volume quickly

Using an Afro pick

Gently comb your hair away from your scalp, lifting from the roots. Start at the center of your hair and work your way to the sides until you have relatively the same length and shape throughout your head. Be sure to avoid picking at your ends as this will reduce curl definition.

Shake your curls into shape

Once your hair is about 70% dry, shake your head in rotating motions. This will enhance the definition of your curls as moisture glides from your roots to your  ends. Your hair will also retain body as your roots begins to dry.


Using a hairdryer without a nozzle is great for adding extra volume when you’re not up to shaking yourself into a dizzy.

Avoid using heat as this will damage your hair and may reduce volume even more.

Also, avoid using the hairdryer at high speed as too much air can create frizz, causing you to lose definition in your curls.

Do you have another method to volumizing hair naturally? I’d love to hear from you. Connect with me on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Or email me pics of your results, after trying these methods.

Author: Robyn

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  1. Lynndrell Washington May 27, 2017 at 4:47 pm

    I love you and Donna hair!! I have to try this method because I have been trying to achieve volume for a long time with my hair. Great post and video!!!


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