Aaargh! I did it.

I straightened my natural hair.

It feels more like I was getting a tattoo of a design that I wasn’t absolutely certain of.

If the hairstylist makes the wrong move, the entire hair journey goes to shit. It’s not even funny. You can’t recover from heat damage. The only way to treat heat damage is to cut it off.

This is what was looming in the back of my mind on the way to Style Studio in Canal Walk, where I got my hair flat-ironed for the first time in two years.

It’s a really long time for someone who’s lived by straightening her fronts before school e-ver-ry morning. My Vegas portable straightener was heated every morning before school and I had a ritual. I’d switch on the flat-iron, go and brush my teeth, make some tea, come back and the straightener would be hot enough for me to get started.

“You must suffer for beauty,” my aunt would say. And heaven knows that I did – having to sleep with rollers at night, getting some scabs from relaxer burns, and… oh the things we go through to fit in… I had to re-train my brain to think and remember that beauty isn’t one shape, size, or hair texture. And I’m so glad that I stood firm in maintaining my natural hair.

Straightened natural hair feels so different

The old office ladies weren’t joking when they said that your twenties go really quickly.

Time is flying.

I’ve been natural for more than two years already and in September (2017), I’ll be celebrating three years of change, three years of unconditioning my mind¬†from one version of beauty, and celebrating the growth of my healthy mane.

At the end of my natural hair growth challenge in June 2017, I opted for an official straight length check to see how long my hair had grown.

My goal was to get to bra-strap length, which I’m happy to say that I achieved! Take a look at what the experience was like, and how Zaidah turned my hair from afro to sleek in over an hour, below:

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Author: Robyn

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