Why you should choose your friends wisely

There’s so much truth in the saying, “show me who your friends are, and I’ll show you who you are”.

This is not exactly the casual sex blog post you were hoping for but I highlight some points that will definitely apply to you and your friends. Check it out:

Choose wisely who you spend your time with.

It’s no secret that we’re the products of our surroundings. We eventually adopt the traits of those we spend the most time with because our minds are conditioned for growth – from the time you’re born, from the clothes you wear to the food you eat, someone else has had an influence on it; this never ends. You need to interact with people to maintain your mental growth – to progress in life, for their experience, advice, and even mistakes (which you may want to avoid), especially in this day and age.

Your friends define who you are.

Sure, we’re all individuals with personal identity but a major part of who we are comes from our social circle – school, work, family, entertainment, laws etc…

I’d recently attended the 2012 Student Leadership Awards at the UCT, where no more than 100 people were present – about 60 were students, including myself. I’d been working on a student-run magazine and our editorial team was was invited to attend the event, which basically celebrates excellent team work and  students who model the UCT mission statement.

Our team did not receive an award but as I sat there and looked around, I saw so many familiar faces, so many friends. Out of more than 25 000 students enrolled at the university, the student who were seated were clearly the elite – elite in their fields and student development. And there I was, to my mind, not at all fit to be part of the UCT elite, seated among them. Just because I knew all of these people and hung out with them on occasions, didn’t mean that I was of the best but it definitely made some room for the possibility.

Spend time with people who have what you aspire for.

You shouldn’t want to be like other people, but there are lots of things that other people know, that you don’t. Friends are meant to be beneficial to your life so it doesn’t make much sense to be hanging around with people who don’t model the life you want.