An introduction to eating well

breakfast for healthy eating

breakfast for healthy eating

a snack for healthy eating

healthy eating snack

I stayed up late last night, thinking about food. You’d never believe how many free 30-day eating plans one can find online, for just about any diet.

I’m ovo-pescatarian which means that my major food sources are eggs, vegetables, beans, nuts, grains, and fish. I don’t eat meat, poultry, or dairy products since I discovered how dairy and meat contributes to my hormonal acne. Take a look at what Dr Hyman, a New York Times bestselling author, physician and leader in functional medicine, says about what cutting milk out of your diet can do for your body, click here to watch the video.

I miss milk and especially cheese but every time I sneak in a delicious slice of cheese, my face turns into a pine cone. That’s enough motivation for me to stay way. Almond milk is my staple for oats, creamy dishes, puddings, and shakes. Woolworths’ unsweetened Almond milk finds its way into my fridge regularly but when I do manage to get to a Pick ‘n Pay or Dischem Pharmacy, I love getting the Almond Breeze brand – it’s a lot cheaper.

My eating habits are mostly suited to improving my skin because I’m determined to treat my acne naturally – regardless of how long it takes. If you don’t have any skin concerns but you want to eat well, here are three things to think about that can guide you on your path:

Eat foods that benefit your body

A friend of mine, bless her, works out five days a week and has been training for quite a while but doesn’t see body progress. Her biggest setback is that she has a busy schedule and rarely has time to cook so sometimes finds herself in line at a drive-thru after a good work out. Some people would argue that you deserve to reward yourself for working hard but like the guy at my favourite spice shop said to me one day, “I never consume what doesn’t benefit my body.” Not even eat the very sweets he sells.

Plan what you’ll be eating

Decide what your goal is, whether to lose weight, gain weight, or simply live well. Planning your meals helps to avoid eating fast foods, overeating, and getting the right nutrients. How would you know what’s good for your body? Pay attention to the foods that upset your stomach, make you feel bloated or lethargic, those are usually warnings from your body to avoid those foods.

Keep it simple

If you’ve read 4 things I wish I’d known about moving out, you’ll know that I’m not fond of grocery shopping but that I generally eat well.

A colleague often jokes that whenever he spots me, I’m always eating something. It’s true, I absolutely love food and I do eat often. I’ll have breakfast and then a snack, lunch, followed by another snack, and then supper. It seems like a lot but I don’t have over sized portions and the quality of the meals in terms of how beneficial it will be to my body, are always high. On a weekday my breakfast would usually include a whole fruit (on an empty stomach), followed by overnight oats. For lunch, I would either have a tuna or alternative seafood sandwich, a vegan wrap or salad, or vegetarian curry if I was up to cooking it the night before.

I eat much less at supper than I would eat for lunch because by supper time I’ve already had lots of water during my workout and  don’t feel exceptionally hungry. Hake or an alternative seafood, sometimes mussels or calamari with a big portion of steamed country veg like broccoli, cauliflower, green beans and carrots, is what I would quickly cook for supper on any given weeknight.

Would you like to know more about my ovo-pescatarian diet or share some tips for eating well? I’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment in the space below or connect with me on Instagram to view my favourite eats.

4 things I wish I’d known before moving out

moving out and packing


moving out boxes

moving out and packing

moving out

It’s been a good few months since moving into my apartment. Can we just celebrate what a big step that is? Thank you. Being responsible for your own finances, food, and always knowing where the toilet roll is, is quite liberating.

I’d moved a lot as a child so adapting to new environments is natural to me. What scared me about moving away from home was worrying whether I might starve, not knowing enough about household maintenance, and managing the bills that every colleague I’ve ever known has complained about.

I’m sitting at a different spot in my lounge on any given day because no one claims it. I don’t have a TV – because who still watches TV when you can live stream, oh man, this is a fond feeling. Four things that I’ve picked up, and that are quite important to note if you’re a young woman moving out for the first time is:

Grocery shopping is a mission

If you think cooking supper will be a mission, wait until you have to shop for all the ingredients first. It’s nothing like the times you and friends went on self-catering weekends-away. Deciding what to eat, buy and prepare for yourself can be tiring. I usually cook for two nights to avoid slipping into bad eating habits; otherwise, I’d be eating a pack of lightly salted Jumpin Jack popcorn for supper as a staple.

Maintenance when you’ve never changed a lightbulb

The last thing you want on a late, cold winter’s evening is to be casually strolling out of the bath and into your room to switch on lights that have fused – that was my cue to get straight into bed but what a schlep to find yourself without a light on a winter’s night. Stock up on light bulbs! And in Cape Town, you’ll also need candles. Thanks a lot, Eskom. You can’t stay ahead of everything but get advice from the people you know have been successfully managing a household for years if you have a concern. Alternatively, If you enjoy DIY experiments, search for money-saving household hacks on Youtube.

The Tupperware craze finally makes sense

Only once you begin shopping for your own Tupperware will you understand how essential these containers are to living. Good Tupperware is really expensive. It’s a bit ridiculous. It’s something you never want to spend your money on but actually, need. I make a mental note of everyone who uses my Tupperware now to ensure that whoever returns it.

It’s harder to keep in touch after moving

Living with family or friends offers the obvious perk or being able to see and talk to each other every day. Even though my relationship with my family is pretty great since moving out, it’s a lot harder with our schedules, to keep in touch.

Would you like to see photos of my apartment or share something you learned about moving away from home? Leave me a comment in the space below or connect with me on Instagram to view photos that may follow.

5 steps I took to achieve body confidence

emotional distress from low body confidence

I recently received a message from a woman who wanted tips on how to lose weight and feel whole again.

First, I thought, how sweet that she would want to take advice from me. I’m not a personal trainer or a nutritionist – I simply enjoy an active lifestyle and eat well. If anything, I’m an enthusiast.

What I do know, though, is that if an opportunity to take a dip in the ocean on a sunny day arises, the last thing on my mind would be, “what does my body look like?” I own every dark spot, bump, line, bruise, and kink like jewelry and that has very little to do with the way I look, it’s my mindset.

There was a time that I felt extremely self-conscious about my appearance. I was surrounded by people who were distinctly different to me and not knowing any better, I felt that there was a lot wrong my appearance. Not anymore – because of the 5 habits below that I’ve adopted.

I am at my heaviest weight, and I feel wonderful about it. None of us are built the same way; our bodies don’t digest food in the same way, and for goodness sake, our bodies are vessels that take us places – we aren’t bodies, we have bodies. Can I get an Amen?

I was at Woolworths’ pay point when a cashier (I forget her name) looked up at me and complimented my hair. She said, “It’s so long, are you mixed?” I said, “I know, thank you. I guess so. Does it matter?” “No,”she murmured. I didn’t feel offended that someone was trying to validate my race to explain the length of my hair – I thought, “Wow, people must wonder about me.” And that was it.

How much do you love your body right now? I slip in and out of love with my body – it happens to all of us. One way to truly love your body no matter what is adopting habits that promote your wellness. Take a look at these five things I’ve been doing that works for my body confidence:

Sleep early

Sleeping early has been a game-changer for me. When I get 8 hours of sleep, I perform at my best. Not only will you feel recharged and perform better, you will feel and look better. A lack of sleep slows the metabolism, increases emotional distress, and can literally cause you to become a negative person.

You may want to read: Sleep your way to the top says, Arianna Huffington

emotional distress from low body confidence

Write out your body confidence goals

Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to firm and tone, grow your hair or have clear skin? Write it down and be specific about why you want it, how you will try to achieve it, and also give yourself a deadline. When you monitor a goal consistently, you are bound to make progress.

Have daily motivation

Instagram is my go-to for motivation. I follow a bunch of healthy eaters, fitness models, and motivational pages, to continuously keep my mind focused on my ambitions. Find influencers that inspire you or talk to people who have achieved the goal that you’ve set out to accomplish. Motivation doesn’t work without action so keep that in mind as well.

motivation for body confidence


Find a workout method that doesn’t feel like work

I have so much fun at my kickboxing and boxing training classes that I wish I could go every day. I train four days a week and because I enjoy it so much, it doesn’t feel like a chore. Find out which form of exercise turns you on. It could be dancing, running, cycling or swimming; try a lot of different things until you find the one that you thoroughly enjoy and suits your lifestyle.

Change your environment

One of the biggest mistakes we make when we want to change our habits is that we try to fit new things into an old lifestyle. If you’re trying to quit smoking but all your friends smoke, how likely do you think your chances of quitting for good are? A strong will can only move you as far as the influences around you. Once you get into the swing of adopting habits that promote your body confidence, people with similar interests will be drawn to you.

Can you think of any other tips that are particularly helpful for body confidence? I’d love to hear from you. Post your comment in the space below, or connect with me on Instagram.

Images: Pixabay CCO

Shield Motion Sense: Secret of a girl who sweats

REVIEW: I tested Shield Motion Sense deodorant roll-on for one week and this is what I thought of it:

Anyone who’s ever seen me working out knows that I can work up a sweat – excessive sweat. Even when I go to events and end up dancing, I have to give myself a break, otherwise, I would start sweating. It’s interesting that I hardly ever see other women suffering from the same situation – only older women or girls that aren’t usually active, sweat like me.

Shield’s Motion Sense antiperspirants were designed to keep any woman fresher for longer as they contain microcapsules that spurt fresh scents when you move.

I’ve never had a concern with body odour but was excited to try the motion sense range since I hadn’t used Shield in years and wanted to see whether the deodorant, was really activated by movement. If this product was really going to be tried to its maximum potential, my on-the-go schedule would be the ideal tester.

For one week, I applied the deodorant daily. At first, I noticed that the consistency of the deodorant was quite runny and I thought, “Great, now I get to have moist armpits for a week”. I usually also apply two coats of roll-on with my normal deodorant when I apply it because sometimes when you roll the deodorant under your armpit, little or no product appears from the first roll. None of this applied to Shield’s Fresh Confidence roll-on. My armpits were dry within minutes of me applying the product, and I didn’t have to coat my underarms to ensure that the product was actually there.

On the second day of using the deodorant, I was too busy to focus on whether it was working. I started my day early – I had an evening training session at ETA; I was going to have to prepare for a meeting the next day, and I still had to do some grocery shopping.  Needless, to say, I was exhausted. As I was rushing through the shopping mall to get my groceries, after work, I bumped into some friends that I’d met on my trip to Zimbabwe. I didn’t have time to chat but I was really happy to see them and caught up for five minutes before shopping. By 7PM, as I walked to greet my boyfriend before my workout, he complimented me on my unfamiliar scent of perfume. I hadn’t even worn perfume that day – I was in such a hurry; I had only been wearing Shield Motion Sense since 5:45AM that morning.

Via Facebook
Via Facebook

The next evening, before showering, I noticed a powdery consistency under my arms which was residue from the deodorant. If anything, I’m happy that the product isn’t clogging pores. Another full day’s activities had gone and went and here I still smelt great. The scent of the deodorant enhanced throughout the day and every now and again I could get a whiff of the musky scent – that made me feel good. I felt confident, just as they said I would.

Buy your Fresh Confidence deodorant roll-on at any Clicks store or Dis-Chem Pharmacy for R28,99.


This product was sent to me by Beauty Bulletin, South Africa’s leading beauty review network. Click on the Beauty Bulletin icon on the right sidebar of this page for more information.


It’s okay to not feel happy all the time

Can I get an Amen?

Seriously – no one is happy during every single moment of their life. If you’re reading this at a time when you’re feeling a little forlorn, cut yourself some slack. You’re not the only one, and you certainly won’t be the last.

If you’re in a genuinely joyful mood right now, spread it like wildfire, girl – stop what you’re doing after reading this post and go do something good for someone – like giving a compliment.

I’m a happy girl. Can you tell? I love laughing, getting to know new people, and working towards developing myself. My life is not perfect – as I progress towards reaching my goals, I’m continuously confronted with difficult decisions, some hurtful situations, and distractions. No one’s life is perfect.

Social media has us admiring other people’s filtered happy moments

There are 123 hashtag-unhappy-right-now posts on Instagram, as opposed to the 39 863 hashtag-happy posts on Instagram. People don’t want you to know when they’re unhappy because unhappy people are unpopular. I do it too. Naturally, I don’t post selfies of me crying (because that would be weird); and my first instinct, when something goes wrong is not, “let me quickly post a status about how badly this is going”… what good would that do? The benefits of social media are immense. It’s never been easier to connect to people from all over the world, but in the same breath, it’s quite overwhelming when you consider how much information you are consuming about other people when you are constantly online. How much time do you take to focus on yourself?

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Unhappy feelings are all learning curves

It’s healthy to feel sad sometimes – unhappy feelings help you realize what’s not working in your life and what you require to be happy.  Robin Sharma, a renowned personal development guru blew me away with this quote on the habits of leaders:

“The only people who don’t have problems are dead…I am who I am today because of my most difficult experiences; I wouldn’t give them up for anything. The things that have brought me the gravest pain, are actually the things that have taught me understanding, passion, wisdom, kindness, and forgiveness…I believe problems are gifts and they come to us to help us grow…  I don’t believe that the goal in life should be to avoid problems…  I believe that the goal of a leader, an elite performer, the goal of a highly evolved human being is to manage their problems, and to realize that it’s just a part of life – to resist them is to resist life.”

Profound, isn’t it? We’re all leaders if you think about it. Even extreme introverts and those prone to social anxiety are leaders – managing their own lives. Allow yourself to feel the emotions that flow through you, you don’t need to react to them but be aware of them, and allow your emotions to guide you to your true state of happiness.

Do you agree that it’s healthy to not feel happy sometimes? Share this post via your favourite social page, using the icons attached below:

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5 ways to really stop smoking

how to really stop smoking - be whole

Every smoker will tell you how relaxing it feels to purse their lips against a cigarette butt and slowly inhale those carcinogens. They know what it’s doing to their bodies but it’s just too good to quit. I can vouch; I was a smoker.

Avoiding any hypocritical bull like when people who’ve successfully quit bad habits try to preach to those who are still occupying the habits – love to every one of you who still smoke. The self-experienced tips below are guidelines for anyone who has tried to quit smoking but failed to do so. You can see more of how I started smoking by clicking on this link: I wanted to be badass, now all I want is to be good. 

I stopped smoking because as I grew older, I developed different goals. My health became more important than everything I cared about in the above post. Here are some tips to help you quit the habit for good:

Stop hanging out with people who smoke

At least until you feel comfortable that you won’t be influenced to light up again. There’s a story of a captain who instructed his men to burn their ships in an attempt to win  a war. His logic was that he and his men would either win the war or die but they would not flee from their mission. That’s how  you need to treat avoiding your friends who smoke – because you love spending time  with them but it’s going to be so much harder for you to stop smoking if everyone around you is doing it.

Change your routine

You have to switch up your routine to avoid your regular smoking habits like your after breakfast, after lunch, and after supper cigarettes for instance. It’s going to be a challenge but find a substitute like sugar-free sweets or gum.

Write down all the reasons why you should quit smoking

It’s funny how you’re loyal to everyone you love but don’t honour commitments to yourself, hey? Why do you think that is? You’re usually quite reliable until it comes to matter that that involve only you. Let’s change that. Write down all the reasons why you should stop smoking and put it in a place where you can see it every day – remind yourself why you are quitting. You deserve that.

Get yourself a progress partner

Ever heard the saying, birds of a feather flock together? The more you normalize a lifestyle without smoking, the easier it will become for you to stop smoking. You also need to give yourself time to experience activities without trying to squeeze in a smoke here and there.

Design a reward system

Of course, your health is the greatest reward here but sometimes it’s easy to look past the overall benefit as the incentive. Track how much money you are saving after two weeks, to a month of no smoking and gift yourself with it. You’d be shocked at how much you’ve been spending once you track it and will feel relieved when you decide to use the money for something else.

Are you a former smoker who’s quit the habit? I’d love to share your story. Leave me a comment in the section below or email me directly to


5 minute protein bread recipe

This easy-to-make flaxseed bread recipe has changed my life. I can’t remember the last time I ate bread that I didn’t make myself. Why? The recipe only requires a few ingredients; it has a really short preparation time, it’s delicious, filling, and it’s gluten-free. What a win-win.

If you’re a conscious eater, monitoring what your intake, you’re also likely a person who enjoys knowing exactly what all the ingredients in your meals are – the less, the better. I love cooking my own meals. I’m not a Siba Mtongana but I know my way around the kitchen. I enjoy preparing the ingredients, estimating  the proportion of spices, and finally, savouring my meals. What I don’t like is the 45-minute wait for brown rice to cook, or having to eyeball a stewing pot for 30 minutes in the evening. That’s why I love this bread recipe so much. It’s not time-consuming and so good for you.

A cousin was kind enough to share the recipe with me. She is Banting and found the original recipe on Daleen’s Banting kitchen. I’ve tweaked the original recipe (which makes one bread roll) to produce a larger portion that requires fewer ingredients. The recipe below makes four slices of bread.

This delicious flaxseed bread is high in protein and gluten free!
This delicious flaxseed bread is high in protein and gluten free!
What you will need:
  • 2 Large eggs
  • 1 tbsp. Baking powder
  • ½ tsp. Coconut oil (but you can use an oil of your preference)
  • 7 tbsps. Flaxseed powder
  • 25 ml Water
  • One soup bowl
  • One mixing bowl
  • Fork for mixing
  • microwave

Preparation time: 5 Minutes

Flaxseed powder can be found at any health store. I buy my 600 g tin of powder from Dada’s Spice at Ottery Centre for R69.

Step 1:

Pour the eggs, baking powder, flaxseed powder and water into your mixing bowl. Using a fork to avoid any lumps, mix the ingredients together.

Step 2:

Line your soup bowl with coconut oil. This will prevent the bread from sticking to the bottom of the bowl during the baking process.

Step 3:

Now that you have mixed your ingredients into a sticky dough, use your hands to mould the bread into a shape of your preference. Some may prefer to roll the dough into a ball to make a bread roll while I prefer to press the dough into a square shape so that I can cut it into slices.

Side note: The consistency of the dough depends on how much water you use. You can use 5 – 10 ml more water if prefer a softer, fluffy bread. You will also have to add 30 seconds to microwave time for each additional 5 ml of water.

Step 4:

Place the dough into your soup bowl and then into the microwave on high heat for two minutes. Depending on the heat of your microwave, lower or increase the microwave time by 30 seconds. Check to see if your dough has risen well and that the texture has changed. If you’re happy, place the bread on a bread board to cool.

Slice as desired and enjoy!

Would you like to share more easy-to-make healthy recipes with you? Leave me a comment in the section below if you’d like me to continue posting. Bonne appetite!


The most delicious post-workout treat ever: Sweet, Banana ice cream

Hello! Hello! Hello! Let’s make sweet Banana Ice Cream!

Bananas are the staple fruit for any health conscious eater because it’s so good for you. Just some of the health benefits of bananas include bowel regularity (sorry), they can dramatically help to improve weight loss since they have a low-calorie count while being deliciously sweet, and here’s something a lot of people don’t know – bananas are good for your eyes. The little bits of Vitamin A in bananas help to regulate clear vision.

Photo/ Pixabay
Photo/ Pixabay

Who can say no to that?

Not me.

Let’s get to it.

To make banana ice cream you will need one ingredient – seriously. Aside from the perks of a healthy body, making this delicious treat is just so much easier than making anything else remotely as sweet and beneficial.

What you’ll need:

6 large bananas
1 cutting knife
A sealable plastic container
A blender

This shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes to make. You can opt to use more or less bananas according to your preference.


Peel and slice the bananas into tiny chunks using your cutting knife and prepare to blend.


Blend the banana chunks to a smoothie-like texture.


Pour the blended banana pump into your sealable container and freeze as desired.

It’s really that simple.

Once the ice cream is frozen, scoop yourself a good helping to enjoy after a long day or post-workout.

Top Tips:

Switch things up by flavouring your ice cream with berries and nuts. I like to use crushed almonds but you can also use peanut butter – add three tablespoons of peanut butter before blending to freeze.

I’d decided to make this post-workout treat one day after my cousin was planning to throw away perfectly good, ripe bananas one day. If your bananas begin to display brown stops, don’t throw them away, use them to make your ice cream. The riper your banana ice, the sweeter your ice cream will be.

It’s totally worth the sweet, refreshing taste.

I’d love to share more healthy, post- or pre- workout treats. Do you know any recipes? Please drop me a line in the comment section below or connect with me on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Fit girl feature: How combat sport can literally change your life

“I’d broken my nose in the first round and my left foot in the second round, but that was not enough to stop me.”

Combat sports are fast growing in South Africa and more so among women. I myself have dabbled with kickboxing for fitness and continue to enjoy training with my coach, Cristiano Ndombassy. While combat sport physically tests your limits and improves your physique, there are much greater lessons to be learned from combat sport such as strategic thinking, endurance, and confidence. I chatted to MMA fighter and fellow blogger at Boxing Barbie, Wisaal Adams, on how MMA has literally changed her life.


When she’s not studying towards a Bachelor of Arts degree in Corporate Communication, working full time or blogging at Boxing Barbie, Wisaal can be found engaging in exciting outdoor activities or practising her MMA techniques.

As a self-acclaimed adrenaline junkie, she recalls immediately falling in love with MMA when she first started training in 2006. Her brother and friend were both training at Dean Scott’s MMA in Planation Road, Ottery, and had frequently suggested that she check out the gym. By the time she’d attended her first fight night with her coach and team in 2012, she knew that her next best adrenaline rush would come from getting into the ring – that night became the defining moment of her deciding to pursue a career as a fighter.

Take a look at Wisaal’s latest feature in Get it Magazine: Barbie in the ring

Currently an amateur K1 fighter, she recalls how the excitement of viewing her first fight was really overwhelming, and how what really grabbed her attention was the courage, heart and commitment she saw in each fighter that night.

“Fighting has definitely taught me some great life lessons that can be applied inside and outside of the gym. I’ve learned discipline; how to be patient; how to work with what I have, and most definitely to be humble, regardless of how great you are. I’ve put every lesson fighting has taught me, into practise in most of what I do daily. I’d fought at Cape Fight League in December 2013 and at that fight, I’d broken my nose in the first round and my left foot in the second round, but that was not enough to stop me. I’m often asked how I had not given up – everyone assumes that the adrenaline rush is too great to feel pain, but aside from having a shockingly high pain tolerance, my heart was in that fight.”


With inspiration from fighters like Amanda ‘Mad dog’ Lino and assistance from her new personal trainer, who offers tailored training sessions according to her preference, Wisaal maintains her training and motivation since her beloved fight club, Dean Scott’s MMA closed down in 2015.

When finding the ideal gym to train at, she recommends having a trial session at a few places and also basing your final decision on whether the training periods match your schedule and location. “There are quite a couple of good gyms in Cape Town. Finding the right gym is a personal choice; it’s best to have a trial session at a few places before you decide which gym to make your home.”

Boxing Barbie covers combat sporting events in and around Cape Town with live feeds from the events on Twitter. Follow the news feed, here.


Connect with Wisaal on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for more information on her MMA career and social life.

5 ways to achieve any goal

You’re not lazy. This is really what’s happening to you…
↓ ↓ ↓ ↓


You’re not making your goal a priority.

Last year, I was really devoted to my goals. I was going to do so many things. One of my friends continually commends me for being ‘the’ girl who always does what she says. And I am. But I also get easily distracted. Somehow between starting a new job, falling in love, going natural, and taking on a new fitness regimen, my biggest goal – developing my career as a writer and consistently publishing blog posts here, have been on the back burner.

I write (for work) every day but one big blogging goal in particular that I’ve wanted to achieve has been to complete Sarah Arrow’s 30-day blog challenge. I’d published several posts dedicated to the challenge but never actually completed the challenge. Then I would try to rid myself of guilt with reasoning like having to narrow down my niche first or not wanting to spam my subscribers with too many posts. What the hell? I love blogging, and it comes easily. Why is it so difficult for me to complete this damn challenge? Everything else, and I really mean everything, took precedence over this goal. I began blogging as a pastime – there was never a rush or urgency for me to get a post out, and because I am the sole person in control here, every day I figured, I can just publish my next post tomorrow.

It took one huge tiff and a headache from crying to realize that I can do every single thing that I want to do as long as I know what it is and when I want to do it. I always knew this. But sometimes we forget. Sometimes we need something bad to happen to wake us up, to challenge us – to remind us not to take our eyes off our prize. We are our only hope for a fulfilling life, what we do with our time determines everything.

I’m not the only writer who doesn’t make my own writing a priority. Read more about writers who fail to commit in Kristen Lamb’s latest post: Going Pro—Learning from a Master & Win a Chance to Be James Patterson’s Next Co-Author (it’s such an eye-opener – Thanks, Kristen).


And here’s another thing, there’s no such thing as a lazy person. According to Laura D. Miller, a graduate of the Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Program at the William Alanson White Institute, laziness is a myth. Miller describes laziness as an ‘overused criticism’ in an article published by Psychology Today. She writes that laziness is simply a character judgment that does nothing to help us understand why someone doesn’t exert the effort to do what they want to do, or are expected to do.

You’ll always be interested in what’s important to you, and the things that are less important, not so much. You’re not lazy, you just have other priorities.

I’m starting the blog challenge again and I’ve already compiled a list of posts that I want to write for the next 31 days. This is something I really want to do now. What do you want to do?

I’ve been listening to several motivational speakers who all say the same things when it comes to reaching a goal. I guess they must be true; take a look at the 5 tips to achieving any goal, below:

1. Decide what it is you want to do and go for it

In Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon offers essential tips on how to become wealthy – not only material riches but wealth in health, happiness, and relationships. He stresses a definiteness of purpose, which is having a clear indication of what you want to achieve. It’s not enough to say that you want to be happy for example – you need to consider what makes you happy and gravitate towards a clear vision of the exact thing.

2. Find a goal big enough that will satisfy you

The other day while listening to Shoot for the Moon by Les Brown, he said, the reason why some people aren’t successful is not that they aim too high, it’s because they aim too low and miss. Your goal must be big enough to satisfy you or challenge you otherwise you will get bored and lose motivation.

3. Keep yourself motivated

Read all there is to know about your goal. Become a master at each task by doing your research, practice or whatever it takes to ensure that you are constantly moving a step closer to your goal. I listen to a motivational clip every morning (even on weekends – your mind doesn’t have off days). While I hadn’t prioritized completing the blogging challenge, constantly motivating myself through words that I read, hear and write, I have achieved other things.

4. Surround yourself with people who share the same interests

As a point of reference in terms of philosophy rather than religion, the Bible, centuries old best seller, reads in Proverbs 13:20: “he that walketh with wise men shall be wise: but a companion of fools shall be destroyed”. Basically, you become the company you keep.

5. Abandon all excuses for backing out

When you have the option to quit, it’s always easier to quit. You must clear all paths for turning back. It’s amazing how resourceful people can be when they don’t have a choice but to keep going. I’m reminded of a story I’d heard about a captain who ventured to the New World (America) by ship in 1915, intending to conquer an empire with just over 600 men. When they arrived, the captain instructed his men to burn their ships – they were either going to die while trying to conquer the empire or succeed, but there would be no turning back. Can you guess what happened? Exactly, they succeeded.

What’s serving as your safety net? Is it helping you or hindering growth?Burn your ships now. Chat to me in the comment section below or connect with me on Instagram,Twitter, or Facebook. I’d love to hear from you.