Giveaway! Capture your 2018 moments with a Nikon Coolpix camera

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You have a whole year ahead of you.

No matter what, it’s going to be an adventure.

There will be moments so beautiful that you’d wished you’d had a cool camera to capture the moment to look back on it.

One lucky reader will.

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What’s cool about the Nikon Coolpix?

nikon coolpix, be whole. robyn ruth thomas

It’s super lightweight.

Its 20-megapixel camera is great for taking those spur-of-the-moment pics or videos. You could pop it into your bag or carry it in your pocket with ease if you’re heading to a concert.

The pics are high-resolution. There’s nothing worse than having an awesome night and taking lots of pics, only to find that most of them are blurry and the only clear photo didn’t capture your good side. You don’t have to worry about blurry pics with the Nikon Coolpix’s auto-detect feature. The camera will focus on your intended subjects automatically to make sure that your snaps are clear.

It also has a tripod portal so that you can connect your selfie stick to make sure that you’ve got the best angle.

Zoom for days. The optical zoom feature lets you zoom in on objects a good distance away and snap them at a high resolution. No grainy pics unless that’s the look you’re going for.

How many pics can you take?

As many as you’d like. Similar to most digital cameras, the Nikon Coolpix has a memory card slot for you to decide how much storage space you need. While the camera itself doesn’t come with a memory card, once you have your own memory card, sharing photos and videos is made easy by simply inserting the card into your pc.

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2016 SA blogger Awards| Vote for Be Whole!

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Our tribe now reaches over 10 600 people.

(Screenshots and forwards to everyone who says people don’t read).

This is the power of the digital age and I’m so grateful to be connecting with each of you on platforms from Facebook and Youtube, to WordPress, Twitter, and Instagram.

+10k may not seem like much but there’s a hell of lot more people finding enthusiasm to work on themselves and this deserves celebration.

I thoroughly enjoy engaging with you via emails and comments, and supporting your ventures when prompted.


What a learning curve

Be Whole is a one-woman show. I recently had a guest feature on the blog and would love to share more insightful content from others so if you have a topic that you’d like me to feature or re post, leave me a comment in the space below or email me directly to

Blog tips

There’s is so much useful information out here. If you’re an aspiring blogger who could use some tips on how to get started, you can get FREE, invaluable blogging advice from UK based bloggers, Sarah and Kevin Arrow  – right now, via Sarah’s website. Or pop over to by Dana Fox to get easy design and web developing tips that will make your blog look awesome.

Writing tips

Next year, I will be enrolling in a course by fellow blogger and USA pen pal, Janet Sunderland. She’s an exceptionally talented Writer and Author. Take a look at some of her reads, here.

Janet’s course, which I prefer not to delve into too much (but which you can already view on her website), will assist me in completing a special project that I’ve been longing to work on for a while.

You can watch hair tuts now too

A lot of what I post are questions that are posed via my social networks. Most questions are related to my diet and natural hair journey. Often, I’ve been asked to explain my hair maintenance methods, which has prompted me to create a Youtube channel where you can now watch my hair vlogs.

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Also, Which blog category is your favourite? Recently, one of you had mailed me asking for more Eat Well posts as it’s simply her favourite section of Be Whole. I’d love to hear from you. Let’s get a conversation going below and don’t forget to vote 🙂

P.s. More tribe members are going natural!

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natural hair be whole

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Feature photo: Clay Simelane

Excited to announce my collaboration with Beauty Bulletin

Here’s to all the women who’d admire another woman from across the room, wondering which hair products she uses, how she gets her skin looking so smooth, or how much time it took her to perfect that look…

I am happy to announce my collaboration with Beauty Bulletin, South Africa’s largest beauty community and review club. I’ve always had an interest in beauty culture, and given that I’d spent a couple of years working as a beauty consultant during varsity, I know a thing or two about the industry. Sharing reviews on products comes easily. It’s a great cue for conversation and exciting when you’re sharing useful information. I love Beauty Bulletin’s concept of creating a large community of real women who embrace that they’re all equally beautiful and distinctly different.

Is this you?

I walk into public bathrooms and often smile at the ladies beside me – who are touching-up mascara, re-applying gloss, neatening stray hairs, or other small things that we go to the bathroom for, other than to pee. If I discover something beautiful about another woman, even if I’m standing in a shopping aisle, I won’t hesitate to compliment her. I’ve learned some of the most helpful beauty and hair tips from other women in public bathrooms and shopping aisles, and in the comment sections of blog posts, not in magazines, and much less from TV. Real women who don’t have on-hand make-up teams and in-house hair stylists, taught me tips and tricks just because they’re also women, and like me, they felt compelled to share something that could be useful for interest’s sake and self-esteem.

Tell me if you agree

There’s a desperate need for women in South Africa to break away from warped ideas of what it means to be beautiful. The latest Dove Real Beauty Survey conducted for South African women in 2013, showed that 45% of women agreed that their greatest beauty pressures came from themselves. Do you do it too? A lot of the time, when I become overly conscious about something like my hair not being in place or my face looking shiny, everyone else hadn’t even noticed until I’d brought it up.

“But how does it look? Are you sure?” “Yes. You look amazing”. – *Friends

Beauty emanates from a woman who feels it. As long as you feel beautiful, you are. This was validated for me when Clarins USA recently featured an Instagram photo of me, taken by photographer, Tony Maake. It wasn’t anything extravagant. My make-up was quite basic and I’d let my fluffy hair out of its usual, tight bun. I felt a little apprehensive during the photo shoot because, well, I’m not a model and I didn’t rehearse any kind of pose. Days after the shoot, when I saw the photo, I thought, “God, that’s actually me. No front.” And I love it so much that I’d asked Beauty Bulletin to update my existing photo to the one below:

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#fangram: @bewhole_ wears Clarins, makes us feel both jealousy and excitement… ❤️? #ShowUsYourClarins

A photo posted by CLARINS (@clarinsnews) on

Visit to read and/or view exciting beauty reviews by South African women. You may spot a familiar face 🙂

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