Something needs to be said about unrequited love and how it’s ruining society.

For some reason people never know what to do when they find out that the person they love, doesn’t feel the same way. We’ve all seen it, guy meets girl, falls head-over-heels in love, and then things go sour because he/she was just “too much” (obsessive).

Is this a bad thing? To become so invested in someone that you eat, sleep and breathe their very existence. Is it okay to be a little overwhelming or to feel overwhelmed at first? Passion is a major driving force for success and studies show that people who are in supportive relationships, thrive – not only with each other, but in other areas of their lives as well. Feel free to post your thoughts in the comments section below.

There’s only two things that you could really do if you experience unrequited love; you can tolerate it, or not. Some people can deal with feeling less loved than they give, while others become miserable if they don’t receive exactly what they’re looking for.

Since we live in a time where information is transfered within seconds, and we’re bombarded with a multitude of unnecessary options, we’ve become so selective of who and how we love. We’re almost lazy about it – we want a range of options so that we can make the perfect selection when the time is right (for us). It’s a bit of a raw realisation but we’re the selfish generation. Don’t you think so? This ruins the pleasure in finding love. It’s meant to be a growth process, not a bargain from a sales promotion.

We spend thousands of Rands, and countless hours perfecting our image – to be the ultimate buy-in. A lot of the time, people aren’t even on the market when they’re out posting on social networks, promoting their “brand” or making (unfaithful)selections. Tell me you’ve never seen a situation like that before, and I could probably direct you to an example. Like Robin Thicke. That man cheated on his wife and she’s the whole package. Without placing judgement, his case is interesting because what more could you possibly want when you’re married to a woman like Paula Patton?

A wise accountant once told me that you need to choose your dates wisely; go on many; don’t get serious quickly (if you know what I mean), but offer your time so that if you don’t have fun, at least you’ll know what you don’t want.

Realize that you are your brand. YOU ARE YOUR BRAND. Protect it, spend money on it, believe in it. If you had a clothing line, who would your target market be? Where would they hangout? How would they think intellectually? That’s how you need to be thinking when you’re looking for love, and in the same breath, maintain your *buyer’s interest so that your business thrives.

Those who think you’re “too much”, are just shopping at the wrong store.


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Author: Robyn

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  1. Janine Saal July 31, 2014 at 9:19 am

    Very nicely and realistically put. I probably like it so much because I can relate and was told once that I was indeed “too much”. At first it was the unexpected shocker and then later I started obsessing over it thinking that maybe I really am. So that little seed eventually grew into a full fleshed tree and I was faced with an insecurity that was unfamiliar to me. Needless to say, that was then and this is now. I am in a happier place and relationship.

    So now I have my kind of “target market” that is into my ‘brand” and I am happier than ever. It is true when saying that you cant expect a lion to dance when that is your thing. Let the lion find a lioness and you, the dancer, find someone to dance with.


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