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WATCH: My experience as a pescatarian

Adopting a pescatarian diet has made a big difference to how I lead the rest of my life.

I’d say that it’s definitely better.

Are you thinking of going meat-free, or have you already? Drop me a note in the comment section below to let me know 🙂

If you’re new to my blog, (hello) I recently asked Youtube viewers what type of videos they would like to see from me and the majority of people requested uploads related to my diet.

So here we are:D

In this video I share more about my life as a pescatarian – what I mostly eat, and why I decided to go meat-free.

What is pescatarianism?

Pesce means fish so I’m basically a vegetarian who eats seafood.

I also don’t eat gluten and dairy, although I am allowed to have cheese and yoghurt since they are considered good bacteria.

Why I am pescatarian:

My diet is prescribed.

Recently in my video about my acne, I shared how my homeopath guided me towards eating foods that my body was happy with and away from stuff that gave me breakouts and left me feeling bloated.

After I stopped eating meat, drinking milk and cutting out gluten, I saw a dramatic improvement in my skin.

When did I stop eating meat?


I don’t miss meat at all.

I’d met a couple at a seminar who spoke about the changes they’d made to their diets due to the number of hormones that are injected into animals during farming.

I’d already dabbled with the idea of going meat-free so speaking to them just helped affirm my decision.

What I mostly eat?

I rarely eat fish and get most of my nutrients from veg, legumes, nuts, and fruit.

Brown rice is my staple. I use it to make rice cereal, stews with rice, savoury rice and because rice is gluten-free, I also have rice noodles, rice pasta, rice wraps.

Broccoli and spinach are also major sources of protein for me.

Polenta – cornmeal, is one of my breakfast options. Look for a GMO-free label on the packaging of products to know if it’s been genetically modified or not.

I also eat a lot of chickpeas, lentils and kidney beans.

Milk alternatives include almond milk, rice milk and coconut milk. When cooking creamy dishes, coconut cream is my go-to.

Is it expensive?

Yes and no.

If you plan what you eat you can save a lot of money.

I love buying dry foods in bulk and storing it for later use, which also works out cheaper.

Fruit and veg are generally also more afforable if you only eat foods that are in season.

What to take to a Braai:

Being a guest of a meat-eating host can be awkward if your diet hasn’t been catered for.

Bringing a shareable portion of my favourites to gatherings has always eased any uncomfy feelings and soothed lots of tummies.

Braais are big in Cape Town but you don’t have to miss out. You can braai mielies, butternut, broccoli, and stuffed sweet potato wrapped in foil 😀

Effortless Protein Pancakes

I spend a lot of money on food. Anyone who knows me will vouch for my sometimes exorbitant spending on food, rather than clothing or make-up. Needless to say, I love to eat. I enjoy trying new dishes, even though my body is sensitive to many popular ingredients like dairy, chillies, tomatoes, and seafood.

I’ve had to cut down on a lot of delicious food for the sake of having good skin, and a settled stomach. But every now and again, I indulge in a forbidden food group and savour every lingering taste.

When I stumbled across the following protein pancake recipe, compiled by Amanda Millie, I not only acquainted myself with a like-minded soul, but also discovered what would be my post-workout meal for a very long time.

Amanda Millie is a London-based Actress, Fitfluential Ambassador, and Presenter, who also loves blogging. She’s an avid lover of life, travel and real food, so naturally, we get along. More often than not, Amanda posts marvelled photos of her delicious, recent meals on Instagram. They’re pretty amazing – if you’re a fan of healthy eating. And that’s where I saw the pancakes, drizzled with mango puree and garnished with berries. They only require three ingredients, and take about 15 minutes to prepare, overall. This is definitely a recipe that I can work with, and better yet, perfect.

Instagram/ @mandsmillie
Instagram/ @mandsmillie

Check out Amanda’s original protein pancake recipe, here. After many breakfast and snack-time pancakes, I’m happy to announce that I’m a bit of an expert. I have modified the recipe a bit to add milk and honey.


Optional :

  • 2 Tbsp honey
  • ¼ cup of almond milk

Fry in Coconut Oil

Preparation time: 5 minutes

Cooking time: 10 minutes


  1. Preheat a non-stick pan on low to medium heat. I use a gas stove so the heat level is always a bit tricky, but this means that I can still fry pancakes during load shedding.
  2. Mash banana, and mix with egg whites and protein powder. At this point, the mixture will begin to look stiff and thick, which is usually when I add some almond milk. Mix until you have a consistency that is thick, yet easy to pour into the pan.
  3. Be sure to add the coconut oil to the pan right before you begin frying, otherwise the coconut oil will burn and smoke.
  4. Cook for three to five minutes, while flipping on either side with a spatula.
  5. Once both sides have turned golden brown, it’s ready to serve!

Drizzle with honey or any other preferred toppings. View more scrumptious food pics and recipe ideas by Amanda Millie on Instagram.

Do you have an easy-to-make recipe, that’s just as healthy as these pancakes? I’d love to try it. Post your recipes in the comment section below or pop me an email to

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