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It’s wonderful to have you here.

(Setting aside an already cold, half-filled mug of green tea)

Can you tell that I love writing? This blog – Be Whole, is jam-packed with articles, features, and reviews that I’ve written.

I’ve spent late nights and early mornings, fingering away at my keyboard to publish some of the posts that you’ll read here.

It’s not hard work at all, though.

Sometimes, I find myself spending a full-day writing – having breakfast for lunch and some green tea to replenish.

Sometimes I can hear my stomach growling, and then I think, “okay, let’s just finish this paragraph and then I’ll take a break.” But I don’t. I won’t stop writing when ideas are flowing.  Because there are days my friend, when they don’t.

I keep three notebooks. One for work, one to journal, and one for just in case an idea pops into my head and my phone happens to have died – it’s happened.

This is what I look like:

Photo/ tonyshouz

Photo: Subject to change. Credit: Tonyshouz


I have a triple major, BA degree in Media and Writing, Film and Television Studies, and Gender Studies , as well as a Certificate in Copywriting for Online Marketing from the University of Cape Town.

Digital Portfolio

To view recommendations or hire me for a freelance project, pop over to my digital portfolio site where I’ve put together some examples of articles, online ads, product descriptions, newsletters, and social media content. This link will take you directly to the site: Let’s collaborate!

These are some of the brands I have written copy for, below:

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gc    dolphin_beach_logo   embassy     ic    ah


de-bakke-santos-pgn          cincin

The more you learn and grow, the closer you come to feeling whole.

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