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Curl Chemistry is a South African brand founded by curly Girl Liesl Singer Katzen. Much like other natural hair enthusiasts who just couldn’t seem to find products that are the right fit, Liesl decided to take matters into her own hands and DIY a whole brand! Amazing, right?

Watch my full wash-day review here:


My hair desperately needed detangling so I pre-pooed with the detangling conditioner first.

This is not a pre-poo conditioner, but I did it anyway and it did not disappoint. The conditioner has a smoothie like consistency – it’s a bit runny but not super thick and it smells great. I couldn’t put my finger on the scents but it’s pretty fruity which makes sense since this is the papaya fruit extract range. Yum!

To make my wash-day process easier, I always section my hair before shampooing.

Curl Chemistry Creme Cleansig Shampoo (250ml)- R115

I don’t untie my hair while shampooing because it’s not necessary. This shampoo lathers really quickly and seemed quite gentle on my strands. Even after the second wash, my scalp felt clarified and my hair didn’t feel sticky. You know when you hair is wet but it feels dry and your fingers don’t move through it? I didn’t experience anything like that. Thank goodness.

Curl Chemistry Detangling Conditioner (250ml) – R115

I start at my ends and work my way to my roots. The ends are the oldest so these need the most care so I scrunch my hair in my hands because my hair follicles are open and I want all of the ingredients to be absorbed. Then I finger detangled my hair to ensure that the product is properly distributed.

I was quite heavy-handed with the conditioner. I felt that I used quite a bit but I do have a lot of hair. It’s not only thick but it’s long too and this comes in a 250ml so it would last me exactly a month or 4 washes which I think is still pretty decent.

Curl Chemistry Butter creme (250ml) – R130

The curl crème is the showstopper of the range for me. It’s such a rich oil-based product that you can actually see the weight on my hair. This is the perfect product to use as a styler for twist outs, sleek looks, braids and other protective styles. It’s not going to define your curls so don’t expect that. It will actually do the opposite because it’s oil based. Water-based products are for hydration and definition and oil-based products are for sealing (locking in moisture) and styling. I haven’t used such a rich styler in a while so decided to follow the instructions and let my twists air dry.

Post-wash care

By day 4 or 5, I’d sprits my hair with water for moisture and then seal it with hair oil. I also ensure that I’m sleeping with a satin bonnet to prevent my hair from drying out while sleeping on cotton sheets. Cotton is a super absorbent material so it’s keep our mane’s covered in satin.

Gifting partnership with Bewhole

You can now shop satin hair accessories on my website and the first 50 shoppers will receive a sample from the original curl chemistry range – that gives you a chance to try either the curl treatment or crème before buying the product.

Have you tried this range? I’d love to know about your experience. Leave me a comment in the section below or reach out to me on Instagram where I’m pretty responsive.

Robyn is the plant mom behind all these juicy posts, written from a sofa in her Cape Town apartment. Through her passion for beauty and wellness, she helps women feel confident in their skin and has created a resource for holistic beauty in South Africa.


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