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I can finally share the news! Bewhole officially has an online shop.

This has been a dream of mine for a while and once you browse through the shop, you’ll notice that there are not many but a few carefully crafted products which have been specially selected for my #BeWholeTribe

What’s included in the range?

To launch our online store, I’ve partnered with Cape Town-based entrepreneurs who are brilliant at what they do. Our first range of products includes ever-protecting satin haircare accessories which are must-haves for naturals starting and maintaining their hair journey.

Why is satin good for you hair?

It reduces breakage

Hair types that require more moisture often experience breakage simply for sleeping on the wrong materials. Sleeping on materials such as cotton tends to absorb all moisture and dry out our hair. It’s best to sleep with a satin bonnet or head wrap if you have cotton bedding. Learn more tried and tested natural hair tips to reduce breakage, here.

Maintain styles for longer

Wash-and-gos that are wrapped in satin while you sleep, last twice as long. The same applies to braids and sleek hairstyles since satin reduces the amount of friction that you’d experience while sleeping directly on or wearing cotton materials.

Retains moisture and shine

Since satin helps you retain your hair’s natural oils as well as ingredients from products that you’ve applied to your hair on wash-day, it’s easier to improve and maintain the health and shine of your hair.

It’s vegan

Unlike silk, satin is a synthetic, cruelty-free alternative which holds the same benefits as satin.

Here’s the first look at some of the products to choose from:

Donut Scrunchies for medium to long hair
As well as my favourite, satin head wraps, which I personally wear outdoors, in the shower, as a tool to flatten and set my sleek styles, and a bold accessory to elevate my look when I’m heading into the last few days of my wash-and-go.
Cute head bands, which not only helps to keep post wash-day hair out of your face but also elevates any casual look with its sheer luxe look.
Two-toned satin bonnets which are best for bedtime and shower hour

Head to the shop section for more images, info and order details for this range.

Robyn is the plant mom behind all these juicy posts, written from a sofa in her Cape Town apartment. Through her passion for beauty and wellness, she helps women feel confident in their skin and has created a resource for holistic beauty in South Africa.

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