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Have you tried the Garnier UltimateBlends Nourishing Repair range? If not, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Aside from the beautiful packaging being plastic (I’m nitpicking because the negatives are minimal) this range checks all the boxes for me.

While I’m sharing this after just the first wash, I’ve spent years reviewing a wide range of products so I regard myself as a wash-day expert when it comes to knowing what to look out for. I’m happy to see brands like Garnier proudly carry the cruelty-free bunny on the packaging and setting an example for other cosmetic houses to follow. I’ve used Garnier skincare such as masks, micellar water and BB cream but this is my first introduction to the haircare range.

Watch my full wash-day review here:

Garnier Ultimate Blends Shampoo

I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that this is the best shampoo I’ve used in a while. The quality is up there with salon products such as Inoar, Authentic Beauty Concept and Design Essentials.

Before shampooing, I prepooed my hair with conditioner from a different brand which allowed me to free up detangling time and make wash-time a bit easier. The shampoo smells like a banana. It was just the right amount of fragrance which I’m sure that you’d get a whiff of if I passed you in the street. I shampooed twice. First to remove any build-up and secondly to clarify. My hair felt soft and manageable after the first wash and about the same after the second. It also lathered quite a bit. I was heavy-handed with the product and foam doesn’t mean that your hair is cleansed. The lather agent is just there to add to the clarifying experience, which it did for me.

Note: This shampoo contains Sodium Laureth Sulphate which is the foaming agent found in toothpaste like Sensodyne and Colgate. Using shampoo with sulphates can cause you to experience more frizz and leave your hair feeling dry and stringy. If you have a sensitive scalp or dandruff concerns, try not to use shampoo with sulphates. I was happy to use this product and noticed that my curls were a little less defined than usual but I like the volume and I also airdried my hair in the wind.

Garnier Ultimate Blends Conditioner

Yes to the consistency of this conditioner! It has a mask-like texture and gave me the slip I need to finger detangle my hair. I was heavy-handed with this product as well. Although it has a great texture, I felt that it needed 5 – 10 minutes to work its magic on my hair. I scrunched the products into my hair to ensure that it was getting into my hair follicles and then rinsed.

Garnier Ultimate Blends Leave in

The leave-in has quite a rich texture. I felt that it may even be too heavy for my hair. I have a lot of hair but it’s fine so rich products tend to weigh my hair down. If I want to do a wash and go, water-based products are best. Opt for twist-outs, braids and roller sets with this leave-in and ensure that you have ample time for airdrying or blowdrying. Oil-based products add to your drying time so I usually only dry my hair about 40% before styling it or style my hair at night so that it’s dry by morning.

Overall. I had a good experience with this range.

Let me know which products you’d like me to review next. Leave a comment below or email me directly at robyn@bewhole.co.za

Robyn is the plant mom behind all these juicy posts, written from a sofa in her Cape Town apartment. Through her passion for beauty and wellness, she helps women feel confident in their skin and has created a resource for holistic beauty in South Africa.

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