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Be Whole

Rather late than never hey.

You may have read a previous post mentioning constant changes to my blog until it becomes what I envision it could be. I’ve thought long and hard about this but finally decided to drop the ‘some’ from Be Wholesome – so my title will now read, ‘Be Whole’.

Once my new domain name has been approved, the URL link will change too. And luckily, all your favourite posts will be kept in one place as the existing content will be migrated to the new website, with the help of Creative Coalition, who currently manages my domain.

I’m renaming the site because I want to be absolutely clear on the message I’m sending.

When I started this blog, I said that it would highlight all that embodies me – my interest in media and marketing, personal development, travel, health and beauty, and of course, my love for writing. But more than having a personal blog, I want to share things that I’ve learned, both simple and profound, and talk about people who inspire me daily – there are so many.

I don’t feel satisfied talking about myself only, I want to share your stories too. I want you to comment and share posts that interest you, to spark debate, develop meaningful discussions, and connect with those who share your interests.

It would be great if we could all be wholesome – in good health and moral standing. But in terms of the vision for my blog, to be whole is better – not wounded, uninspired, or unhappy about your life.

A simple word can change an idea, which in turn results in projecting a different meaning – as you can see from the difference in meaning between wholesomeness and wholeness. So I hope that you will appreciate the reasoning behind my decision to rename my blog. Feel free to share your thoughts about it in the comment section below.

I haven’t framed a specific identity to speak to; you must live how you need to, and be you. I only want to offer you insight and clarity – to things that you may or may not have known. And of course, to share stories that could potentially inspire you.

Yesterday a friend and I sat through two beautiful hours of a seminar held by Deepak Chopra, at the Cape Town International Convention Centre. To say that he is phenomenal, is an understatement. He walked us through his studies for obtaining ‘higher health’ and basically highlighted tools for experiencing higher consciousness, transformation, and healing. This was followed by a meditation where he’s asked us to ask ourselves, “who am I and what do I desire?” The meditation gave me such a refreshing calm. I’m not accustomed to it and now realize how good it can be for me to just break away from the hustle of my day. Even if it’s just for 10 minutes. I honestly felt as though I’d been resting for days. And I think that it’s probably instigated my action to change the site name. I also went for drinks and danced to some Hip Hop, so it could be that. Nevertheless, I’m happy to be doing it.

I’m looking for a quirky but crisp logo to be the cherry on top of this exciting change. If you could design logos in your sleep, please send me an email to robyn@bewhole.co.za; let’s talk business! Thanks!

Feature photo by Carey Chanquin (creative commons)

Robyn is the plant mom behind all these juicy posts, written from a sofa in her Cape Town apartment. Through her passion for beauty and wellness, she helps women feel confident in their skin and has created a resource for holistic beauty in South Africa.


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