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With an honours degree in Exercise Science and just under 10 years of experience in the fitness industry, Jane Kilian is any girl’s go-to expert on effective training.

“Everyone is different, everyone don’t have the same goals. You need to adapt your training

according to the client and also listen when they need you to,” says Jane.


Jane in the gym / @gijane_zn

Affectionately known as SA’s own G.I Jane, this Durbanite fitness junky can’t get enough of weights and cardio. “I generally do 45 minutes of training… I’ll have short rest periods so that my heart rate stays elevated. I mix it up by alternating between super setting and circuits. For cardio I love running along our beautiful Durban promenade! You just can’t beat that view.”

5 Training Tips from Jane

Plan your meals as much as you can

It’s 80% diet so be sure to plan ahead for meals. Take an hour on a Sunday and cook your lunch for the week.

Find a workout that works for you

Do what you love! That way you’re more inclined to want to train.

Don’t be afraid of weights

Weight training is your friend. You won’t bulk up, it’s a misconception! It gives you that nice toned appearance and actually makes you smaller. (Not cardio as everyone thinks)

Pregnant ladies can also train

Training during pregnancy is encouraged. It actually helps you keep your weight gain to a healthy minimum, helps you lose the weight after, keeps baby’s weight healthy, and helps you fit and strong for the birth.

Workout when you can

The best time to train depends on you. Everyone is different and we aren’t all morning people. So you choose what time of day is your best hour.



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“I train girls one-on-one as well as in groups of four.

The group sessions enable girls to train while being affordable using a group rate.”

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  • 15 December 2015


    I loved this post – Jane used to be my trainer when I lived in Durban, and a lot of the habits and tips she shared with me those years ago I still apply today. Plus, I know she will kick my a$$ if I don’t get my training in – no matter how far away I am from her! 🙂


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